How much will it cost to build this house

The cost will depend on the location/site you are planning to build, level of finish etc.

To get detailed Bill of quantities and cost estimate, reach out to us. This service will attract extra cost depending on the nature of the project and building.

Can one get mechanical, electrical, landscaping, structural etc drawings apart from the architectural plans?

The good thing is that Archikings has a complete team of professionals to serve you. You can always reach out to us for any more drawings and specifications you need for any architectural work.

Can I give you my architectural drawings and plan for change?

Yes, we can at a cost customize your plan as per the client demands. Always talk to us.

Can I use the same drawing twice?

Yes but you have to notify us so that we inform the architect. This is intellectual property which must be protected and appreciated.

Can I see this house built on land? Do you have photos?

For privacy reasons, we do not keep lists of where our home plans are built.

I can’t find a plan I recently saw. How can i get it or know if it is available?

sometimes, plans may be removed but may still be available if you contact us directly. To avoid this, when you identify a drawing design you really need, just purchase to avoid losing track of it.

How do I save a plan for future viewing?

You can open an account as a customer and add to cart. Also, each of our plans can be bookmarked for future visiting in any browser.

What tree-planting initiative?

This is a call to all of us that we plant trees to our sites to avert negative climate change.

We encourage you to plant trees in your construction site. For more on this, reach out to us for a landscaping professional and at a fee.

Can I advertise with you?

Yes. Reach out to us directly. This is the best opportunity for your business to grow its customer base

Can I find a house in my area that has been built with a house plan from here?

Due to our Privacy Policy, we do not release this information to protect the privacy of our customers.

What information do you require for you design house from scratch?

We can comfortably design any house for you from scratch. Some of the more important information is: the size of the plot, the size of the house required, information on family members, the number of floors required, and information on the plot such as photos and drawings of the plot and information about the structures on the neighboring plots. For more details the assigned architect would engage further

Do you only engage on residential houses?

Our scope is big. Ranging from hospitals, apartments. Shopping malls, schools, factories, go downs, fuel stations etc.

Can I get a project team to supervise my ongoing project?

Yes. We offer project supervision and management in any part of the country and in east and central Africa. When we increase our capability to all over the world we shall inform., not unless we have a team of professionals in your region.