Terms and conditions for vendors

By opening an account, you have already accepted general terms and conditions for this site and displayed on the last part of the www.archikigs.com

Make sure you give correct details for contact in case a client needs one on one discussion with you.

Have drawings in both pdf and dwg formats

Don’t display plans for customers to see. These files will be downloadable after customer has paid.

Have correct details for payment shall be made to you.

Don’t include your contact details in the drawings whether in the dwg or pdf title block. This shall lead to instant disqualification.

In case of gross misconduct and mass breach of conduct, no refund shall be made to you.

Enter your AAK registration number correctly. This will increase customers trust on you.

In the event that you are not the original designer of the plans(you are not architect, designer), please indicate so.

I pledge to be good ambassador for www.archikings.com and will allow them to use information I share with them for use either in adverting, business, marketing etc.

Enter your country’s Architect registration number e.g AIA(for Americans), AAK( for Kenyans), NIA, etc

Use English language in your drawings and plans. This is because Archikings would carry out global advertisement of the products.

Without informing you, Archikings might chose to carry out due diligence and to determine validity of the registration number if need be.

Your Commission
You will earn 50% of the sales you make for each product sold on archikings.com. For example, if you sell a house plan at Ksh. 50,000 ($500), you will be paid ksh. 25,000 ($250). No other fee is required. Learn more about seller commission and fees.

NOTE:A single product will purchased unlimited times. Each time it’s purchased you get 50%. Archikings would advertise your products for large customer base)

Payment Dates
Payments will be made the first Wednesday of every month.

Payment Methods
We pay via MPESA at the moment, but we are in the process of including PayPal and other internationally approved payment methods.